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Funko Fiyah 🔥🔥🔥

The Funko Shop

There’s only one place you can get these future grails! Some make attempts online to purchase them while others are able to wait in line to get into the headquarters in California and Washington State. 

There have been some Pops recently that have had fans in a frenzy and with anxiety each morning as bots lurked the internet hunting for these covered vinyl figures! 

You don’t always get what you want especially if you are not on time! Make no errors. Get in and get out. Verify your are a real person. Sign Up for the fan club. Etc....

Funko Updates

This week we have been seeing some great posts and updates from - even the people at the HQ know him! Shout out to you! 

Follow and check out his post love from the Hollywood HQ! Always awesome to see! Thank you!

The Boys are Out

Thanks for stopping in and checking us out! We hope you will join our mission! We have five this same warm fuzzy feeling to other around the globe especially in places that strugglr to get them or even 

Walmart Hunting

Walmart has become the King of the 10” pop:

Cheshire Cat

Superman Chase

Black Panther Zombie

Optimus Prime

Lebron James

also known to be hit or miss with their stock. All

Walmarts are not created equal with their pops. You’ll have to try a few and find your spots that get stocked!

You never know what to expect these days at Walmart with the hope of finding a chase 10” figure!

GameStop Stocks

All these great sales! Online and in store - make it so hard to pass up! It’s best to pre order and they get limited quantities! 

Having Problems finding Gamestop Exclusive GITD Godspeed from The Flash. 

Pre-Order the G.I. Joe Cobra Red Ninja Now 

Be on the lookout for the life sized #Mandalorian helmets! We pre-ordered ours and they should be dropping end of this month!

Hottest Topic

With only limited quantities arriving at our location in Oregon. We had to ensure we secured one so we could work on the other Funko Shop Exclusive. 

We secured one on Mercari and paid the premium fee as its value was rising and we could see this one staying steady.