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Chamorro Foodie

Pacific Islander Food Adventure

Food bring us together and what would this village be without Food? E have teamed up with Chamorro Foodie to bring you the best from all over the globe as we share our favorites! 

Food is Family.

Food is an important part of life for any Gilita. It is the center of our daily life and a time to celebrate being together and blessed to share a meal. 

When you receive an invite to a feast, you experience that family’s traditions and special moments. You become a part of this extended family. 

That Luta Hospitality

Food is Unity

We all can relate to good food! Food brings us together! These 3 Boys love food and are especially proud of our native Chamorro cuisine! 

Here we share our adventures with food and how diverse it is just as much as all the influences that food has along the way! 

Come on, Take what you like, and throw away what don’t like- “Chule Nai i Yamu, yan yute ti-yamu.”