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3 Boys Mission

Funko Pops and more.

We present a Rota Times and 3 Boys Vs. Toys collaboration. We hope to bring you the joy toys bring to fans of all ages. From Deeigner toys to blind boxes and Funko Pops, These Boys just wanna have fun! 
Join us as we take time to look back at our past adventures, and share the new world of fandom with a pandemic upon us. 

We all need to find that happy place as we are isolated, anxious, and feeling the impact of everything. Our schools have concluded for the year and we don’t go out On our after school toy hunting trips. 

Now more than ever, we need to stay connected and motivate each other to do our part! 3 Boys Vs. Covid-19 in full effect! Hope you enjoy this new fun collab with Rota Times! Shout-out to the Villagers!


A Global, Beautiful, Diverse, Funko Family.

Do you love Mario Bros? Nintendo? 

Our pick of the Week for #youtube is What_The_Pop: Hosted by What the Pop Steele and What the Pop Emma - it’s a fun time with good people enjoying  what they love and get the latest and greatest together live! 

Check them out Below!

No More Toy Hunting

The best part about collecting Funko Pops has been the hunts all 3 of us would go on to get prized collectible vinyl. Whether it was standing in line at the opening of Hot Topic or just cruising through Walmart and checking to see when they would finally have them available - it was an adventure indeed! 
Times have changed so rapidly and we find ourselves shopping for things that bring us some sense of normalcy. Within a month, we find ourselves shopping online and not gathering with our loved ones. We are showing different patterns with our internet use and things are more meaningful! Netflix is up and is down. So let’s Netflix and Chill not Kill. Stay Home Save Lives is the slogan! 
Shout out to our frontline holding us down! We hope you find some fun in our videos and media as we hang tight and save lives. We have frontline workers in our household and we are so proud of everyone staying strong for us! 

The picture above is from a Walmart on our last visit for groceries at the end of March. It didn’t feel right to pick up the Babe Ruth as we were there for essentials. Times have changed. 

Gamestop: Deal of the Day

As times have changed, so have consumer habits and delivery methods for goods due to Covid-19.

A few weeks ago, Gamestop introduced contactless Door Pick Up, and of course we had to test this out! We saw a deal we couldn’t refuse for some #Funko backpacks. They were Thanos and Black Panther and over half off. 

They are the perfect piece as we gear up for the future of pop Hunting including the 3 Pop Travel case that comes inside the backpack. 

Who knows when we will return to some of our routines, but in the meantime the hunt continues online. Stay safe super friends! 

3 Boys Vs.

The biggest battle has been finding enough quality time for us to spend as a Squad! Making an adventure for all of us to enjoy and finding out more about each other as we do it! 

We appreciate your time to check us out! Time is valuable and we want you to make your own adventures and do what you love! 

On behalf of Mikey, Maddy, and Daddy-Thanks for watching - We out!